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Basement Insulation Replacement

Whether you have an existing home that requires replacement to get back up to effective levels or you’re starting from scratch with new construction, we can help.

New construction – The best basement insulation strategy is to start with spray polyurethane foam from the get go. Once you’ve got your framing installed and all of your plumbing and electric installed and passed through inspection, we can apply SPF. We take the time to protect your flooring and electrical outlets before we begin the application process.

Existing home – If you have an unfinished basement, SPF won’t require much more work than in a new construction setting. However, existing drywall will have to be removed to access the inside of walls. Retrofitting can be a more expensive project, but it adds to the value of your home in the long run by decreasing the constant replacement of traditional insulation materials.

DIY Vs. Basement Insulation Contractor

For more affordable basement insulation prices, you may have considered doing it yourself. If you are insulating a very small space, you could see some savings. But in most cases, the cost of the equipment and products needed to do the job right will end up costing you significantly more than hiring a contractor.

Especially with closed cell SPF, there is a concern about safety during installation. The product is very hot during application and emits a vapor. You will need a special mask to assist with breathing during application, as well as protection for your hands, arms, and body. Contact us for a free basement insulation quote and find out just how affordable we can be! For fast, safe, professional installation, you’ll be glad you invested in us.



Save Up To 50% On Your Next Energy Bill

When you install SPF basement insulation in your home, you can look forward to great energy savings while increasing the value of your home. Who installs the best basement insulation? iFoam gets the job
done right! Call (334) 513-2587. Our experienced contractors take care to give you a great service at affordable prices. We also take the time to clean up after the SPF installation, leaving no mess. Even in warm climates, basements without insulation are cold places. Underground and without access to natural light and warmth, your HVAC system will have to work overtime to keep the space at a comfortable temperature.