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Had a great experience with iFoam, initially consulted for my roof to be fully insulated with spray foam. From first call, to a completed project. I had a great experience! I would highly recommend for people who are looking for a reputable company that specialize in spray foam insulation. Would highly recommend! 5-Star Service!
Alejandro Ramirez
satisfied Customer
The decision to use I foam is the best decision you can make as a home owner. I immediately saw a difference in the feel of the air conditioning of the house. There was a more even temperature through the house where as before the Roman on the outer perimeter stayed hotter or colder depending on the season. However the most important part was my power bill! It went from $448 the last full month without I foam to $185 the first full month with spray foam insulation! I’m your on the fence take my advice. Do it! You’ll thank me later!
Mike Rogers
Satisfied Customer
They did full encapsulation foam insulation at my new house and did a fantastic job. Believe me when I say they are THE best. Here is the short version of my experience... when I started getting quotes from different vendors for my insulation, the installation date was extremely important to my project. I got several quotes, and I was very clear on the importance of the installation date. Mistakenly iFoam was not the ones I originally picked to do my job. I had picked another company (I'm not going to mention any name but I sure felt like I was all LIED to, to get the job), based on price and most importantly the supposedly firm installation date that was promised. Literally the day before the installation date I called them to confirm everything, and was casually informed that my installation had to be pushed back about 7-10 days due to "unforeseen issues" (translation: we promised you that date to get the job and when we were sure the job was ours and we were sure that you had no other recourse, we moved your job out two weeks to make room for another job, sorry!!!). Reluctantly I called iFoam back and they were there in TWO days ON A WEEKEND all hand on deck with the whole crew. With such short notice, I expected to pay more than their original quote, but they did my job for the same price they had quoted me originally and I could not be happier. So don’t be all lied to by other insulation company, hire iFoam!
Hank MoTamed
Satisfied Customer