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What Are the Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation? Clean Airflow & Energy Savings

Crawl spaces are notoriously difficult to keep clean. They’re often damp, dark, and cramped which makes it hard to do a thorough job of cleaning them. But with crawl space encapsulation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your crawlspace is safe from moisture and unwanted pests while providing you with two major benefits: saving money on your utility bill by up to 50% and improving the quality of air in your home! No wonder Spray foam insulation is one of the fastest-growing industries in Alabama. Whether you live in Montgomery or in Prattville Spray iFoam can service your home without breaking your bank.

Be wary If your Crawl Space has signs of these problems

Cracks in the interior drywall of your home
Uneven floors
Persistence of a foul odor after a deep clean
If you recently started experiencing asthma or heightened allergy symptoms
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then we recommend getting your crawl space encapsulated. saves you time, money, and your health.

Quality benefits of Encapsulating your crawl space

Here are some redeemable qualities of getting your crawl space encapsulated. first, you keep humidity out of your crawl space which means you gain protection from mold adding another layer of protection to your health. Your home’s air quality improves due to your crawl space being blocked off. Lastly, you avoid structural integrity damage to your crawl space in the future. Soundproofing your home from your floorboard. Keeps rodents locked out from entering your home

Should I Also Insulate my Crawl Space?

Yes, we highly recommend you insulate and encapsulate your crawl space for the best performance. Insulating your crawl space prevents you from having frozen pipes, reduces any further issues with mold or fungus in your home, and prevents outdoor air from being introduced to your home. The added comfort will help you reduce your monthly energy bill.


If you are thinking about encapsulating your crawl space, we highly recommend that you call Spray iFoam USA for a free quote. We will come out and do an assessment of your home to see if it is worth having us encapsulate the area. The three quality benefits of our service include preventing leakages into the house from water or moisture, soundproofing against noise in the living areas above which can be heard through vents in the floorboards (this is especially important when children have their bedrooms on top), and keeping pests like mice away from entering your home via this route. With these benefits, who wouldn’t want to get their crawl spaces encased? Call today!

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