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Why Spray Foam Is Becoming So Popular and Why It’s Better than Fiberglass Insulation

Spray foam insulation is becoming more popular because of its many benefits. Spray foam insulation is not fiberglass, they’re a rapid expanding foam that fills any crevices in-between your drywalls.

There are two main types of spray foam: open cell and closed cell. Closed cell spray foam has the ability to be used as an air barrier while open cell does not since it’s less dense than closed cells which allow for moisture vapor transmission.


  1. Quick installation within your residence or commercial business
  2. Can be installed around wires and pipes without any major impediments for air flow due to its expanding form
  3. Doesn’t support mold or pest growth; due to the foam expanding throughout the walls which prevents air from gathering humidity
  4. Prevents insulation from being compressed over time due to its density.
  5. Able to insulate an entire house in under two hours.

The Two Main Form Of Spray Foam insulation

Open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation were invented to provide versatility. Open cell spray foam insulation is a more affordable yet effective option. With open cell you still get the insulation you need but at the price you desire, it is recommended only for indoor use. Closed cell offers higher performance because it has better water resistance properties and an increased R-values as well as superior structural stability that’s important in coastal regions.


If you’re looking for an affordable home improvement with major benefits, then one of the best ways to go is by installing spray foam insulation. It’s designed in a way so there are fewer crevices for air to escape out, and this cuts down on your costs. Some of the most common places spray foam is installed is attics, basements, crawl spaces, and even barns! It has a use for everywhere, it keeps your buildings well insulated and cuts your energy bill!


Spray foam insulation is a great way to save money and improve your home’s comfort. It is easily installed anywhere you need insulation! If you are ready for spray foam installation experts to help answer all of the questions that come with this type of project then contact us today! We will connect you with one of our experts who will work closely with you every step of the way from start to finish. We offer free quotes so we can figure out your perfect spray foam installation plan!
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